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Top Class Tutoring is the number one choice for personal and professional tutoring throughout Hawthorne, Bulimba, Balmoral, Morningside, Norman Park, Cannon Hill and surrounding areas.

We specialise in primary school English and Mathematics, and cater for remedial and extension work.  Call for an assessment today.

Confidence and Independence

Students who attend Top Class Tutoring develop confidence and independence not only in their studies but also in their interactions with fellow students. Working effectively with others and achieving in their daily activities is intrinsic to the outcomes of their time with Top Class Tutoring.

Top Class Tutoring Services

Both the English and Maths programs work in conjunction with the National Curriculum. The programs focus on the needs of the individual as a holistic learner and therefore the students immediately feel a sense of achievement as suddenly they are able to read, write and attack problems with confidence.

A Personalised Approach

At Top Class Tutoring, we relate to the students, which enhances their learning.

Students study in a stress-free environment and are encouraged to ask questions and challenge themselves without fear of negative feedback. Top Class Tutoring’s individualised attention means no more than three to four students in a learning session.

Have you noticed the warning signs?

  • Is your child already dreading the thought of returning to school – academic progress starting to slip?
  • Does your child’s confidence need a boost?
  • Is homework stressful for everyone?
  • After parent-teacher night, you try to help at home, but they don’t listen to you?

Top Class Tutoring focuses on teaching the fundamentals and extension of literacy and numeracy. We cater for primary school learners, from year one to year six. Helping you to help your child is important to us and we believe we provide the best product and the best value for money for tutoring in the area. Top Class Tutoring is operated by experienced professionals, with countless years of teaching experience in the classroom. Staff are in touch with current education trends, the needs of students and understand the partnership between home, school and study. We are enthusiastic and vibrant about education. Our mission is to provide the best service, best value and best educational product for learning to occur in a comfortable environment.