Thank you again for your genuine, caring and professional approach to tutoring. I am very thankful that after two years of tutoring, Milla is still happy and excited about her sessions (on the majority of days.) Even those where she resists a little due to being tired or not feeling too well, she still comes out positive and happy that she did it.
Sue L

We are so amazed at how far Max has progressed this year. It really has been a steep learning curve for him, but we feel he has had amazing results!
Megan G

Alfie finally started school last Wednesday and he loves it. He’s already had some homework, and actually managed to complete most of it without a problem, which I believe is all down to you. Alfie keeps coming out with various things, and when I ask him if he learnt that at kindergarten, he says “no, Nicholas taught me that.” So he was listening 🙂
Becca W

Rose woke up one morning beaming and said “Mummy I’ve just had the happiest dream ever….I was at school doing a maths sheet and I wasn’t slow anymore, I did it at the same time as everyone else.” This reinforced how important your classes are to her. It was a real insight into her confidence levels and how your lessons have been positively affecting her.
Shelley M

Sitting down to homework this afternoon, Redmond opted to do the maths questions first. He completed the tasks, added all the variations and picked the correct answers. No fuss, no tears. He did the addition ‘his way’, which I gather he learnt with you. It was great! He didn’t know how to do the subtraction yet, but was happy to work through it with a bit of guidance. What a difference! If this is two weeks, what will he be like in two months? Thank you!!!
Margot H